Sandra hand weaves these stoles with assorted yarns, some which she custom dyes, and some which she hand paints. The simplest of these are traditional, may be lined with her hand painted silk linings, and can be straight, or shaped to fit the neck with a tassel in the center back. Others of her stoles are created using an adapted Theo Moorman technique. Stoles created using this weave, feature designs which are inlaid as the item is woven. The designs are all Sandra's originals.
Liturgical Season Stole Liturgical Season Stole Liturgical Season Stole Liturgical Season Stole

"Elegant Stoles for the Liturgical Seasons"

These four Elegant Stoles have been hand woven, using a modified Theo Moorman technique. The designs are original and are copyrighted by Sandra Briney.

These stoles were created with a 80%silk/ 20%wool warp and weft, with a combination of silk, linen, rayon, cotton and wool, in the patterned portions. They are lined with 100% Habatoi silk, a manufactured silk, hand painted by Sandra. Each lining was created specifically for the individual piece, and the final hem work is beautifully hand stitched. Each stole is shaped for an excellent fit, at the neck, and tasseled in the center back, with a tassel made from the warp thread.

The Theo Moorman technique uses a second, supplementary warp, and in these pieces, that warp consists of a very fine silk thread, wound on a separate warp beam, which Sandra and friend, Jeff Abbeglan designed and built for weaving in this particular style. The beam is attached to the back of her regular floor loom, when being used to facilitate this technique.

The two separate beams allow for the differences in the tension needs of the two different warps. The pattern work takes up more thread than the underlying weaving, and sits on top of the background weaving, and is also attached to the background weave with every other weft row woven. When viewed from the back of the weaving, there is no sign of the pattern work...just the background weave is visible.

These pieces are now in a private collection. Similar pieces may be special ordered. The estimated prices on these stoles range from $1050 to $1295 and up, for each stole, depending on the complexity of the design, and the fiber used.

They measure approx. 5" by 100" to 110", but may be woven to suit the needs of the individual buyer.

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